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Learm how these free products and services can improve your website

How You Can Improve Page Speed With Free Tools And Services

When it comes to designing a website, it is important to use the cleanest coding tactics available.  You do not want to bloat your code with tons of extra lines when you could potentially get everything you were trying to accomplish in just a couple of optimized lines.  When your code is bloated and not…

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WebVantage Marketing Provides Real-time Analytics

How Real-time Analytics Can Improve Your Website

The goal of every website is to achieve some soft of action from the visitor. Whether you are selling products online and are looking for sales, or you offer a service and are looking for leads, each website is built for a specific goal. Many times, people will either build a website themselves, or hire…

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Google Algorithm Update SEO For Mobile Sites

Will you be losing over 50% of your traffic? Click for details!

This week in SEO news, one of the big topics people have been discussing is a change coming to Google’s algorithm which will affect how websites are ranked when people are searching for content from mobile devices.  The change to the search algorithm was actually announced back in February when Google alerted people who used…

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