Lead And Conversion Optimization

lead-and-conversion-optimization-sacramento-analysis-folsom-tracking-roseville-user-improvement-rocklinIf you have a website and are getting targeted traffic your company is off to a good start.  Ensuring that your website is laid out properly for ease of use is something that you may still need to focus on.  One of the factors that search engines take into account is referred to as a site usability score.  The site usability score takes into account things such as how long someone stays on your website, how many pages they visit, and if they are clicking back and returning to the search engine, also referred to as your bounce rate.  Sites that have a high bounce rate tend not to rank highly in search engines.  The search engine lowers the website ranking as the algorithm behind the search engine thinks that visitors are not finding what they are looking for and thus go to another website to answer their needs.

Ensuring that your site is laid out optimally for your visitors is key to ensuring that you are capturing a majority of your targeted traffic and converting them into new leads or customers.  A lot of psychology has been done which shows how a website should be laid out for the best conversions as well as how to make your site more user friendly.  Our Search Engine Optimization and Web Design teams know how to properly lay out a website for optimal lead collection and conversions.

While their are free tools on the market to help you track some aspects of your websites, such as Google Analytics, we have our own specialized tools that do more in depth monitoring of your website.  While Google Analytics can tell you how many visits your website gets, from where, and on what type of device, it does not really give you the information you can use to make changes to help improve your website layout and design.  Our tool not only tracks visitor data, we actually record and playback visitor sessions on your site.  Using this technology, we can see the flow of users when they visit your site.  If people seem drawn to a specific area over another, we can make recommendations that may help improve your lead generation or conversions.

Our team also specializes in A/B split testing.  If you want a quick way to test whether or not a new layout of your site will perform better or worse than what you already have, our Search Engine Marketing team can help build you a test campaign.  Using various Pay Per Click platforms, we can send targeted traffic to both your current design as well as the layout you would like to test and see which one converts better for you.

Designing an optimal site for lead generation and conversion will not only attract more business, but it will help with boost your site metric scores.  An increase in these scores has proven to help websites rank higher in the search engines.  Take a look at our video below to see how we can help you optimize your website for more sales and customers.

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