How Real-time Analytics Can Improve Your Website

WebVantage Marketing Provides Real-time Analytics

WebVantage Marketing Provides Real-time AnalyticsThe goal of every website is to achieve some soft of action from the visitor. Whether you are selling products online and are looking for sales, or you offer a service and are looking for leads, each website is built for a specific goal. Many times, people will either build a website themselves, or hire a firm or contractor to build something around their desired goals. Once the website is launched and online, the content remains static whether or not the website works well or not.

Why is this you may wonder? The number one answer most of our clients have given us is that they are unaware that their website layout is not properly optimized. Their are tools online such as Google Analytics which can provide some interesting real-time information about visitors on your website. While Google Analytics is great for a free tool, it does not always provide you insights about where users are looking on your site, or what they are spending most of their time doing. Google Analytics can provide real-time data on how long people have visited your website for, which pages they are visiting, and where they are visiting from. All of that is great information, but not super helpful when it comes to trying to modify a website layout for optimal user engagement and interaction.

View Heatmaps Of Your Website With WebVantage MarketingOne of the benefits our clients can take advantage of us our own internal analytics system. Our unique system allows our customers access to recorded user sessions that show exactly how a visitor interacts with a website. Our software records mouse movements and clicks from each unique visitor for each and every page they visit. We also have the ability to track where on your pages your visitors are spending the most time looking at. On top of that, we also provide information pertaining to where your users are coming from geographically.

Using the data our unique software collects allows our customers to see where layout changes might be beneficial. If for example, a lot of people are constantly looking at a specific piece of content on a page, it might make sense to place an opt-in form right next to the content. Similarly, if people are not interested in your landing page of your website, our software can help you see that by monitoring what they are doing. If you notice someone comes to your site and the recorded session time is extremely short, you can be sure that something is not right with your website.

Using real-time analytics is something that a lot of the big companies dedicate hundreds of thousands of dollars for each and every year. Collecting and acting on critical information that they collect can increase their bottom line dramatically. Our internal software provides great insights into your user activity and where improvements can be made; and we give our clients access to it for a minimal monthly fee. If you are interested in learning more about how our real-time tracking software can increase your website goals, our website design and lead and conversion specialists would be happy to discuss things with you.  Take advantage of our free consultation today!

Posted on August 5, 2015 in Web Design

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