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Off Page Search Engine Optimization Secret Sauce

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO),  it really breaks down to what you can control, the on page SEO, and what is usually outside of our control, the off page SEO.  On page SEO are items that you and I have access to, such as the interlinking of pages on our website, ensuring…

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Sacramento Web Design HTML5 Responsive Optimized Websites

3 HTML5 Tips That Guarantee Success

The technology world is always evolving.  Normally when we look at technology, we look at the physical devices and see how much better and faster they are becoming.  I can recall 20 years ago, my computer was running at 16 MHz, and we look at technology today and everything is running at GHz speed.  My…

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SEO in Sacramento

The Importance Of Link Diversity In SEO

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their are two main areas to focus on. The first one is called on page SEO, and it revolves around your own website and the factor in which you can control. On page SEO factors consist of things such as keyword diversity in your website content, ensuring…

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Google Algorithm Update SEO For Mobile Sites

Will you be losing over 50% of your traffic? Click for details!

This week in SEO news, one of the big topics people have been discussing is a change coming to Google’s algorithm which will affect how websites are ranked when people are searching for content from mobile devices.  The change to the search algorithm was actually announced back in February when Google alerted people who used…

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Increase Your Sales With Retargeting

We have been doing some testing recently using Facebook’s ad network and have been playing around with the retargeting pixel.  Before we delve into what we learned and how you can benefit we’re going to look into what retargeting actually is and how it works. For those that are new to search engine marketing, ad…

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